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Position 1 - $25/Week

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0.95%~1.25%Daily for lifetime   Soft-Mining
0.95%~1.25%Daily for lifetime
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Position 20 - $6/Week

PadiSticky Hyips ($10/week)
113% After 10 Calendar Days,6% Daily On Business Days for 30 Days
Expired: 2017-01-23
0.95-1.25% Daily for lifetime
Expired: 2017-02-10
Plan1: 0.6-0.8% DAILY FOR 30 DAYS , Return principal after the plan completion ,Plan2: 2.4-3% DAILY FOR 50 DAYS , No Return principal after the plan completion ,Plan3: 1% DAILY Forever
Expired: 2017-02-23
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United States
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PerfectMoney PAYEER bitcoin Forums: 58HYIP
Rank : 3
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2.4% to 3% daily for 50-55 days (150-155%)
Received: 0%
Last Paid: No Payout
Monitored: 46 days
Minimum: $10
Maximum: $60000
Withdrawal: Automatic
Ref.Comm: 12-1-1%
Added On: Dec 7th, 2016
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Forums: 58HYIP
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 Program Description 

Investing in startups carries with it certain benefits and it is realized not only in Europe and the United States, but also in Russia. Today, the startup project is a whole industry. In the future it is expected that interest will only increase. "The idea is worth nothing!" - these words you can often hear from incompetent investors, but we don't think so. We believe that the idea determines the success or failure of startup. In this section, we briefly describe our company. We invest in IT startups that are in the preparatory or finished stages. The volume of investments available to investors is 10-60.000$, in exchange the investors will receive a daily income from the actual, at the time of investment percent, while the amount of income does not reach the level of 150-155% profit, after that safe deposit box is closed. Daily interest rate varies by market and ranges from 2.4% to 3%. For a more detailed explanation we give you an example: if you invest your money when interest rate is 2.4%, you will daily (as in weekends and holidays) receive that profit percent until you get the 150-155% of the profits. Upon completion of the Deposit, you will be able to create a new one in any convenient for you amount. Our main task is the fastest development of a prototype of the project and bringing it to the market. Speed and flexibility are the key to the success of the project. We, as businessmen, have a direct interest in the success of our projects. That's why we are interested primarily those projects which have a strong business model and most importantly smart model of promotion. We do not expect huge profit, but we focus on real projects that are able to earn independently from the very beginning.

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